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Hi everyone!!! :heart:

I never ask this kind of stuff usually but i have something i really want...
I never win anything in my life so for one time im asking you to vote for me...

HOW?? You have to Go like my picture (:blackrose: NEW PICTURE NOT ON DA!!)
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annd you have also to like the Lovely Designer page on Facebook
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Pretty please !!!

Be Welcome to Share my picture on your Fb or
Commenting on my picture on Rooster baby page to let me know you voted on both!! help me increase my chance to win and making more and more beautiful and sexxxxy picture !!!

Please everyone
with much love <3
Amellya Stone
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Comming soon on Suicide Girl :D

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 19, 2012, 10:50 PM
Oh yeah!!!
i'm approved to be a SG model..

Here we are.. just waiting to be online now!!!
Check this out. its gonna be Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for more information/photos/video
feel free to like my facebook:…

with much love

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Video/Photo Shooting and.. CONTEST

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 9:39 PM
Sunday its the big day!!!

Oh yeah!!!!!
The first of a serie of video shooting for everyone of you who ever ask me to assist to a photoshoot.  

Thank you to the production Gros plan :) for the video !! Curious to know more about that? about me or the behind the scene? Add me on facebook Go LIKE MY PAGE :) ill post sneak a peek from clothing before my photoshoot!!…

Really soon ill post new Artwork from deviant fan from me. You are welcome to use my work but please show me the result!!! :)

:rose: :rose:
And a book of all my picture will be GIVEN AWAY to someone when ill reach the 1000th like on my fan page!!!
:rose: :rose:


Thank you to everyone who already liked my fanpage on FACEBOOK.

and please dont be hard on me.. im french! hahaha
and please be welcome to comments ans :+fav: my picture :)

Much love :rose:

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2New Photoshoot in exchange of...

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 3:34 PM

a like on my facebook page!!!…

ill post the first set at 300Fans!!! :)

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Hey my deviant fans!!!
You want to get preview before everyone? want to know more about upcoming set? or maybe you want to help me in a contest for a photoshoot/1000$ so please like me on FB :)

like my fan page
  ---->!/pages/Amel… <----

with love :kiss:
Amellya Stone
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Hi my Deviant Fans!!!!!! :heart: :heart:
First of All,
Thank you for all the support!!!! To who recently watch my Gallerie and :+fav: on my stuff!!

i saw too many old picture who getting fav again , day after day!!! Now you can enjoy some new stuff !!!
More than 20 pictures will be post during the next month!!! Too many shoot i've forgot to post here :)

In the last fews months many things happened in my life but I'll post the new stuff really soon.

I hope you'll enjoy it!


1Vote for a Add on Facebook

Help my friend to win a contest and i'll add you on my Facebook!!!

you have only 1thing to do!

Go there:…
and VOTE in the bottom of the video.

He can win up to 50 000$ . Help him!!!!

if on your page you like the video i'll add you…

See you soon on Facebook!!!!!!!!

Amellya :rose:
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I officially moved in ottawa and (region de gatineau,hull)

So, i want to meet new photographer or makeup Artist, Designer and other beautiful model with a unique style for any projects.

Je Parle francais a la base.
i'm live performer (I also do shibari show) and into modeling(fetish and High Fashion). I can travel within the state. I will travel out of state with expenses paid +/or for irresistible opportunities +/or time for cd .I will also take compensation in select wardrobe and accesories.

(Body Mod:Septum(nose) + 1 Branding +1 Scarification NO TATOO)
I'm interessing to work with ALL STYLE but i prefer: Lingerie, Expressive Shot, FETISH, Deviant... Shibari ,Twisted Stuff
BUT i can/like to do : Glamour,Fashion/Beauty etc!!
I'm also versatile , I'm willing to try news things that separated form the main path.
- I do nude with compensations or Depends on Assignment (or  irresistible opportunities)

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I'll be doing a BIG USA trip this summer,I will end up in those Town...

JULY 2009
-NEW YORK  21th  and/or 22th?
-WASHINGTON , DC  22th or 23th?
-ATLANTA  24th
-DALLAS  26th)
-PHEONIX (Approximately the 28)
-LOS ANGELES (Approximately the 30-31th)

-SAN DIEGO (Approximately the 1st)
-LAS VEGAS (Approximately the 4st)
With Mua and Hairstylist(Kym Crane: MM#773223) Incuded with batteries!!

My rates are really affordable $$

Let'S Shoot!!!
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VILE DESIGN :: COMMUNIQUÉ (un texte en francais suit plus bas)

Thursday February 12th

We are proud to inform you that Perish, internationally acclaimed avant-garde male model, will be present on the occasion of the CLUB SIN :: VILE DESIGN March 6th performance-party.

Offered to willing photographers will be the possibility to participate in a mini photo workshop. Lasting approximately 45 minutes, the workshop will allow you to meet and photograph Perish as well as the Vile Team models.

Perish will also be available for select private photo sessions during the following days after the event.

Please communicate for more details.

Jeudi 12 Février

Nous sommes heureux de vous apprendre que Perish, le top-modèle avant-garde de renommée internationale sera présent à l’occasion de la soirée-spectacle CLUB SIN :: VILE DESIGN vendredi le 6 Mars.

Sera offert aux photographes la possibilité de participer à un atelier photo. D’une durée approximative de 45 minutes, celui-ci permet de rencontrer et photographier Perish ainsi que les modèles de l’Équipe Vile.

Sera aussi offfert durant les jours suivants la possibilité de sessions photo avec Perish.


VENDREDI 6 MARS ... FRIDAY MARCH 6 ... VILE DESIGN ...redefining leather

■ VILE DESIGN and their guests Amellya, RushX, Oiszo , Clause & Athanore etc. invite you to explore a surrealistic and tormented universe in a spectacular presentation of their avant-garde creations.

■ VILE DESIGN will soon be available for sale at Boutique Sexe-Cité as online. They offer a made-to-mesure accessories and fetish wear service which adapts to your most unexpected desires.

■ VILE DESIGN ainsi que leurs invités dont: Amellya, RushX, Oiszo , Clause & Athanore et autres, vous invitent à plonger dans un imaginaire tordu et surréaliste lors d'une spectaculaire présentation de créations avant-gardistes.

■ VILE DESIGN sera bientôt disponible chez Boutique Sexe Cité ainsi qu'en ligne. Ils vous offfent un service de confection sur mesure d'accessoires et de vêtements adaptés à vos désirs les plus inattendus.

■ Venez rencontrer l'équipe VILE DESIGN de 10 à 11pm pour une session photo et un mini atelier sur la production d'accessoires de cuir ... Meet and greet the VILE DESIGN team for a 10 - 11pm photo session/workshop on the production of leather accessories

■ Club Sin is Montreal's longest running fetish event. Since July 2004 Montreal's legendary Cabaret Cleo has proven to be the ideal location for Club Sin. Every first Friday of the month you can join the many colorful attendees. The venue provides the perfect ambiance to let loose, party and meet sexy people!

■ L'événement Club Sin existe depuis Juillet 2004. Le légendaire Cabaret Cleo s'est révélé comme étant l'endroit idéal pour nos soirées. L'endroit offre une ambiance parfaite pour vous éclater et faire la rencontre des gens séduisants.

■ Cabaret Cleo 1230 St-Laurent (2nd floor / 2ème étage) ... 10pm / 10$ ... Dress Code: Fetish . Latex . PVC . Lingerie . Leather / Cuir . Goth . Glam . Xdress . Cosplay . Victorian . All-in-Black . No Jeans or Cameras!
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Amellya has 100,025 pageviews total and her 207 deviations were viewed 3,405,359 times. She watches 234 people, while 1,421 people watch her.

Overall, her deviations received 2,736 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 11,154 times, while she commented 3,439 times,

THANKS YOU MY DEVIANT FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

today photoshoot with eve monnier (bodypainter)
tommorow photoshoot with Alex hansen
and more in the few days!

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Perform @ Breathless Ball 2008 , THIS FRIDAY IN OTTAWA WITH RUSHX (SHIBARI SHOW)!!! Clothing by vile sindustry!! (so i will shoot somes Viles clothing this weekend with new photographer) thanks you to joel for the clothing for the show and photoshoot (upcomming set from viles: UNICORN!!!)


Montreal: Il reste 2places pour les interessés a monté voir le show vendredi soire a ottawa

25$@ the door
128 York St. Ottawa

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YAY! FETISH WEEKEND comming soon ! I can't wait!!!

About the Fetish WeekEnd , I still got 2 ( avaible ) slot for outsider photographer that will be in montreal for photoshooting.

Friday 29th August : Cabaret kinky
@ l'olympia

Saturday: BOOKED Shooting with Perish
Designer: Vile Sindustry!

Sunday 31th August: Fashion Asia: The Night Of Mask!
Designer: Creation SIS.
@ Medley

I sell tickets for the event! 30$ at door 40$ +tx

fetish weekend website

Amellya :blackrose:
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16Juin 2008 - 19h Admission 10$
Je défile pour tazzaram , et Belli Bulle

Église St-jean-Baptiste
309, rue Rachel Est

Les objectifs du Grand Défilé Vert sont :
Faire connaître les talents des designers récup' d’ici
Faire rayonner les résultats de la coopération
Faire la promotion du vêtement de création recyclé et/ou équitable
Sensibiliser les citoyens sur l’état de l’environnement
Encourager une plus grande responsabilisation
Engendrer des actions solidaires
Encourager le réemploi.
Créer un événement de qualité, attendu au fil des ans !

Découvrir et former les nouveaux talents
Tremplin pour les finissant(e)s en mode au Québec, le Grand Défilé Vert incite plusieurs à réaliser leur passion et ce tout à fait gratuitement. Aucun frais pour les designers récup... qui sont à l’origine d’un nouveau marché grandissant., mais leur collaboration étroite à l’élaboration du Défilé est essentielle. Cette implication leur permet de créer des liens étroits avec d'autres designers, elle leur donne aussi le poul du marché et de la compétition.

La finale de «Je m’emballe autrement !»
Le Défilé accueillait aussi la finale de ce concours destiné aux élèves du cinquième secondaire organisé par ENvironnement JEUnesse. Les participants devaient concevoir et réaliser leurs costumes ou robes de bal avec 80% de matières recyclées.

J'en suis vraiment contente! Quoi de plus agréable qu'une bonne cause :)

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THANKS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart: :heart:


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here is 4picture (3 with Madria69) of last friday (2TH) @ cabaret cléopatre for the runway of CREATION SIS  (journal event :… ). the night was really cool. thanks you! :)

the show have been recorded, but we try to put the video somewhere on internet for all my deviants watcher can see!!!

UPDATE: VIDEO…   This is a preview of the lastest runway. for people asking i'm in 2rd part! and i'm the 1 first girl with underbust corset :) Aprox: 06:05

the last photoshoot with is one the way! DONE
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I just bleach my black hair for new color, Yes Red!!

Upcomming photoShoot: Helleana
26th Aprils.

No More photoshoot until may 5th to may 22th.
I have my first operation on may 5th for my mouth.
since sometime ago i smach my mouth on IceFloor and broke my tooth. DAMNED WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DeviantArt deleted 3of my pictures, a 3-picture series '' A Fetish ''
by Neufleisch posted last november07. The photo shoot was:………
and 4 other more

deviantart accuses me of stealing pictures,

the message:
The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff as a violation of the deviantART copyright policy.
Your deviantART submissions must consist entirely of your own work. (HOW CAN I STOLE THE PICTURE, WHEN I AM THE MODEL IN THE PICTURE ?????)
due to it making use of copyrighted property created and owned by another artist.

The photographer is a little mixed up in their mind, saying the pictures were stolen. he gave me the pictures last November (they were shot one year before).
He AND the makeup artist have the picture on their DA , MM and OMP pages. More than 2000 deviant fans have faves on these pictures on my profile and his deviantpage, and I can't use them????
This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard in my life.
Deviantart doesn’t really check who submits copyright violations. i never see anysheet about unpublication after he send me them.
Finally he report my picture and deviantart delete these pictures just for neufleisch personal vengency (becose i cancel a photoshoot he thinks her exgirlfriend told be some bad stuff and this is why im cancelling (ok ok i was in my period hihihihihihihihi)

the photographer who report my picture: neuFleisch
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Officialy i will be part of the next runway of Creation SIS. This is only on May but the concept is so fabulous!

:: Doors open at 22:00 :: Showtime at midnight :: Fetish Dress Code (Leather, Latex, PVC, Gothic, Glamour, Kink, Uniforms, Cosplay, All-black, No jeans!) :: Cabaret Cleo 1230 St-Laurent (2nd floor) ::

2RD PART: BURLESQUES (UNDERBUST with lil pasties hihihi)

i'm in the 2rd part!! I' will be a PEACOCK!!!!!!

25$ AT DOOR. Saturday 22TH March , i will be your Host, Your Geisha!!!


Oh, i hope you like the lastest set : bodypaiting! i hope becose two other set will be done on march with eve the bodypainter!!

Comming Soon:
1Photoshoot with Helleana and ropemaster RushX DONE
1Photoshoot geisha with michel cipriani
1Photoshoot with Martin Gagnon
1Photoshoot with Guzz Photography

Upcomming on DA:
Storage room
Picture from Zoluna creations, runway


Thu Nov 22, 2007, 11:37 AM
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Inevitably, what was going to happen happened. I'm getting way too many messages (fav and watching) and I cannot keep up. I would like to thank everyone personnaly to have looked at my page in such a great number.:date: I recently hit the 55,000 pageview!!! :floating:

These are a few of my favourites from the last day
Black Flag 7 by kubicki Dark Angel. by zemotion Equestrian 3 by amelkovich
Behind your Mask by Annie-Bertram RIPcage by Kostassoid
bunkergeist VII by graemo :thumb53043088: Suspended by SensualImage
And a picture of the snow beacose here in montreal is already covered in snow!
snowerotica by MichalTokarczuk
This is my last ''favourites from the last day, my subscription ending in 10day!

I have a lot of Shootings planned!
More than 6 in the next two month (Helleana  AND newest photographer)


PLEASE NOTE: This account is NOT a stock photo account, you absolutely cannot re-use/edit/manipulate/copy any of the photos here.
:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek
:thumb45879791: :thumb30526611:
Don't Fuck With Copyright by Lady-Dementia-Stock dAddicted by Nestalgica

Member of:
:icondeath-chicks: </b>

Let&#039;s Go!

Tue Nov 6, 2007, 10:33 PM
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ok ok ok! now what happen?

Finaly the whole photosession ''INJURED'' of dominic Vincent are online.
10months after the first one! maybe if you was @ latextacy (fetish
events)you have seen the exibition.
Injured by Amellya Injured Because by Amellya
Injured Because II by Amellya Injured Because III by Amellya

Shooting with Helleana  on November 10th POSTED

Shooting with roperookie on November 13th POSTED

20H30 TO 3PM @ théatre Plaza for Designer Creation SIS…

2PHOTOShooting + 1 VIDEO SHOOTING (27th Nov. and not date yet) with neuFleisch 2Shooting Done. 1month after, i wait before the fucking picture

1 Shooting @ the end of november with :  Jean Kavanagh… (not date yet)

PLEASE, go check x-horizon this is David Preissel from Switzerland.
A F**CKING GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER!  and he have give me Submition!! awww! :floating:

The Sad Poem of a Dead Stair by x-horizon The Dark Tree by x-horizon It Can't Rain all the Time by x-horizon

These are a few of my favourites from the last day  

Who needs tomorrow by blackfantastix Lady Death by Marek VI by LadyDeathDemon
Ilua IV by martinpelzer UNTITLED... by immanuel Fetish Army xxx by OMEGA86

PLEASE NOTE: This account is NOT a stock photo account, you absolutely cannot re-use/edit/manipulate/copy any of the photos here.
:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek
:thumb45879791: :thumb30526611:
Don't Fuck With Copyright by Lady-Dementia-Stock dAddicted by Nestalgica

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:icondeath-chicks: </b>